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— A vibrant new taste of Spain

Gazpacho. That quintessential Spanish dish. A chilled tomato soup, filled with ripe, fresh, summery flavours. Alvalle are Spain’s #1 pre-made gazpacho brand, where it’s enjoyed and adored in equal measure. But in other countries, the name Alvalle remained unknown.

Taking gazpacho to a wider audience in new countries needed a new visual language, as well as a new serve. Outside of Spain, and especially in the UK where tomato soup is most synonymous with a warming bowl of Heinz Cream of Tomato, Alvalle’s deliciousness had to be dialled up, and the appealing simplicity of a new serve communicated.

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Moving from a soup bowl into an aperitif glass created a new occasion. This wasn’t just a glass for gazpacho, it was also the perfect stand for a pincho stick.

On this stick, you can hold anything. Cheese, olives, anchovies, cured Spanish meats. Some of those, all of those, something entirely different. The pincho is a traditional way to hold tapas ingredients together - making them easy to eat, and allowing for the ‘resting’ of ingredients on the glass. The richer and saltier the pincho ingredients, the more Alvalle’s fresh recipe can complement and cut through.

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Pinchos are a delicious accompaniment to a glass of Alvalle. But to celebrate wider Spanish eating, traditional recipes, and beautiful serves, we created The Alvalle Cookbook as a showcase - a true celebration of Spanish flare and flavour.

With chapters dedicated to gazpacho, tapas, seafood, meat and more, the pages are overflowing with an abundance of inspiration for delicious dishes to enjoy together - the real Spanish way.

The book’s design carries the new graphic elements from Alvalle’s packaging throughout its pages, making it bold and modern, but elevated even further with the detailed stories and evocative photography. This cookbook is not just a list of recipes, it’s a deeper look at Spanish customs and traditions.



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