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LA Brewery

— Benefit brewing: goodness inside and out

The LA of LA Brewery is Louise Avery. Her aim when she began making her own kombucha was to “create a delicious tonic, one that would appeal especially to first-time drinkers. A fizzy drink with less sugar, a health tonic high in probiotics and a viable alternative to alcohol. Something that could be both delicious and good for you.”

Louise Avery’s homemade kombucha brand had grown into a blend of science and art that creates beautiful, tart and refreshing flavour, enriched with true, active goodness. These are drinks brewed with benefits through a complex process of natural diversity. The result is a portfolio of drinks with real depth.

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LA Brewery’s visual world is one of expressive systems. The idea of difference is at its core: exposure to new and unusual things. Not closing things off, experimenting, staying curious, and willingly embracing new and unfamiliar elements to create strength, character and resilience.


“I’ve always enjoyed working with the Here Design team. They have such enthusiasm for each project and because we created it together from the start they really understand me, my brand, and the fascinating world of kombucha and all of the opportunities for experimentation that it provides."

— Louise Avery, Founder, LA Brewery

LA Brewery’s verbal world revolves around the voice of The Creative Scientist. Intimate and informative. A glimpse into the process and inner thoughts of the creator of these kombuchas.


"Together, visual language and verbal language tells a rich story about how we can introduce that layered goodness back into our minds and our bodies. Together, they help show that the outside of every bottle matches the goodness within."

Tess Wicksteed, Strategy Partner
LA Champagne LYING Front White

A drink brewed with benefits, a drink made for celebrations. The purpose behind this new addition to the LA range was to elegantly reinvent temperance for the 21st century. A delicate bottle design brings the Champagne ritual to life. All the exuberance of the pop and the spritz.




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