OTTO5068 N10 v2


— Ultimate simplicity, ultimate cut-through
OTTO5068 N3

Cookbook shelves are crowded with homogenous covers. Most feature prominent photographs of the authors or pictures of dishes from within the book. In a sea of sameness, it was becoming more and more difficult to stand out.

This collection of book covers for Yotam Ottolenghi are consciously designed to be different. To be both disruptive and iconic. To convey everything the books offer boldly and immediately via their striking visual language.

OTTO1461 N17
OTTO5068 N16
OTTO1461 animation v1

Agnihic atiamus alita quam explibus poratatur aute ped ma ducil modit aborestenis expe praesequiam. Ur ario eum et volut officte volorep tatemos dunti rae optat abore minus es aces nobisci millor serferore.

— Firstname Surname, role/title
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OTTO1461 animation v3
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OTTO1461 animation v2
OTTO5068 N7 v2
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EBUR7375 N5 v2

The immediate story of an uncharacteristically simple collection of recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi. A cover designed as a true representation of what the book and its contents were all about.

EBUR7375 animation v1

The strikingly simple lemon. Embossed to capture this vibrant fruit’s texture. Bright. Immediate. Appealing. And most importantly, simple. An open and clean sans serif typeface, with plenty of air and space around the text, reinforces the standalone simplicity. Yellow, white, black. A million miles from the multicoloured clutter of most cookbooks.