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— London's gateway to Georgia

Welcome to Entrée
— London's Gateway to Georgia

Entrée is an established Georgian bakery whose founders wanted to travel a little further West, setting up a new space in London. Georgian culture is renowned for its welcoming customs and abundant cuisine. This warm hospitality is central to Georgian life, and so the story of Entrée’s new bakery in Notting Hill begins with a gateway. An architectural and symbolic welcome, ushering people in to experience a little corner of Tbilisi in West London.

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Entrée, as a French word, could have created the wrong associations for a London audience of eaters. So shaping the type, and moulding it to reflect traditional Georgian script helps to evoke the land, the place, and the people of Georgia. Its handwritten appearance also creates a feeling of both the handmade and the artisinal.

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The shapes that occur as part of the process of traditional Georgian baking are repeated in Entrée’s identity to mimic not only the constant baking that takes place throughout the day in the kitchen, but also to create a sense of abundance and plentifulness.

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A palette of rich and vivid purples and blues, with terracotta and brass accents, are reflective of Georgia’s charismatic customs and warm welcomes. But they are also sophisticated and contemporary, adding a warmth that is still fortified with boldness.

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The open kitchen makes the space feel endless and creates a closer connection to the preparation, traditional processes and ingredients. It echoes the arch from the logo, and the original open kitchen in Tbilisi’s bakery. It feels like a welcome invitation into the fold of Georgian cuisine and customs.

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