Glendalough Irish Gin

- Profound sense of place

Glendalough is known as the garden of Ireland, a lush green paradise nestled in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. It’s a place where botanicals bloom, fresh for foraging, and stories thrive and flourish, just as bountifully. Glendalough’s new range of luxury gins are crafted from the wild, untamed botanicals, hand-forged from the mountains that surround the distillery, each with their own special story.

Glendalough brought us on to position and design the packaging for their new range of gins. The strategic idea for the project was for the bottle to express a “profound sense of place”. Inspired by the rich history, geography and culture, we crafted a bottle that subtly gives clues to the provenance and the process of making the gin - a celebration of the lands that bore it.

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Storied details are nestled in the bottle's embossing - from local lore to pilgrim's route markers. The bottle becomes a secret map of Glendalough.


Glendalough’s forager, Geraldine, has spent many years foraging the lands for botanicals best suited for the gins. To represent her process we have depicted botanicals, such as yarrow, watermint and woodruff, which embossed, encircle the bottle.

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Scattered throughout Glendalough stand 7 ancient churches and nestled in the design’s botanicals are these way-markers. At the base of the bottle, woven embossing references Geraldine’s handwoven basket which she uses to cradle the botanicals found within the liquid.

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