La Fantaisie

— Dreaming in Paris

La Fantaisie is the latest luxury hotel by Leitmotiv, the family-owned French hospitality group. Together, we re-imagined casual luxury and the aspirational lifestyle that accompanies their international portfolio. Local at home, global at heart. We put our vision into practice in Paris.

We believe modern luxury inspires new connections to place. Each hotel offers a fresh interpretation of its destination, with casual luxury as the constant theme for Leitmotiv.

With Paris as muse, the creative strategy is The Dream of the Garden, inspired by the master gardeners Jean and Jaques Cadet. We envisioned the urban residence as a blooming alcove of peaceful joy. From a whimsical, dynamic, illustrated hotel identity, and bespoke objects that create rituals, to an audio strategy throughout the hotel, nature comes to life across every touch point. Creating a multi-sensory, enchanting experience in an equally enchanting city.

La Fantaisie ENTRANCE
La Fantaisie Collateral

The hotel was listed by Forbes as one of the most exciting new hotel openings of 2023, and "a verdant dream" by Conde Nast Traveller.


The audio strategy establishes sonic connections to nature and the local area. From morning birdsong recorded in the parks of Paris and nature-inspired poetry that accompanies an elevator ride, to musical reflections of Paris’s opera and jazz scenes, La Fantaisie’s location comes alive throughout the hotel.

La Fantaisie Poppy

The hotel restaurant marks the homecoming of triple-Michelin-starred chef, Dominique Crenn, to the French capital from San Francisco. Golden Poppy brings a bit of the golden soul of California to the heart of Pigalle. The world we created from the first seed of this idea bloomed effortlessly. Expressing itself boldly and freely across multiple touchpoints and expressions.

La Fantaisie Terrace
La Fantaisie Terrace2






La Fantaisie’s audio tours are voiced by Julie Dray, represented by Sue Terry Voices.