— The enduring optimism of the bright yellow buttercup

The delicate yellow buttercup. A symbol of both fragility and strength. Ever since the 1930s this humble flower has been part of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital’s fundraising efforts.

Today, a different kind of buttercup field has bloomed thanks to artist Clare Twomey who created 2000 individual porcelain buttercups*, each for sale to raise money for the RNOH charity.

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Rnoh plinths 7015
Rnoh buttercup installation

In response to the ever-changing circumstances of 2020, we adapted our original idea for a public installation.

RNOH Website v2

In place of a physical installation, we moved online with the creation of an e-commerce site to sell the 2000 buttercups and raise funds for the hospital.

Rnoh buttercup boxclosed
Rnoh buttercup boxopen

To ensure each buttercup arrived intact, we created a structure to cosset them on their postal journeys.

Rnoh rew 1117

Each buttercup is unique and patiently handmade.

Rnoh rew 1433

“The poetic beauty of the buttercups lay in the moment they were picked, they were the epitome of hope. The fragile and beautiful flowers that only bloom for a couple of weeks a year became the moment of hope that galvanised so many into action. A very human moment is created in the buttercup collection, where we have empathy and know what it is to be human.”

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