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The Alcorithm —
A revolutionary flavour guide
to finding the drinks you’ll love


Rob Buckhaven is a self-professed algorithm for alcohol. The Alcorithm is his magnum opus: a flavour dictionary and thesaurus for further drinking. Whether beer, wine or spirit, locate your favourite drink in its pages to see what else might tempt your tastebuds. According to The Alcorithm, if Scotch Single Malt Whisky is your go-to, you’re likely to enjoy a Californian Pinot Noir just as much. If you prefer a Vintage Champagne, then Brown Porter makes for an agreeable alternative.

Part science, part artistry, we wanted to capture the concept of this book through simple typography, diagrammatic designs and a sophisticated, sleek cover featuring vibrant pops and a holographic sheen.

Alcorithm Summary 2

Inspired by scientific diagrams and charts, our cover illustration features a bottle sectioned into different colours that allude to the flavour profiles distinguished in the book.

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A book this detailed should be easy to navigate – just like a real textbook but more fun. Bold, clean chapter headings and coloured tabs indicating flavour profile allow for easy perusing and quick spotting.

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In keeping with the book’s scientific theme, the content is printed in an easily legible typeface inspired by old science textbooks and laid out to encourage further exploration.

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The Alcorithm is dictionary and thesaurus in one. Part one defines the details of flavour while part two provides related recipes to test your newly gained knowledge with.


This is even better than what I was hoping for! Here Design absolutely nailed the brief. The cover icon encapsulates the essence of the book so well. I love it so much – I keep having to re-look at it.

Rob Buckhaven
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