The Audley & Mount St.

— Revival of an old boozer

The Audley is a much loved Victorian pub in the heart of Mayfair; a democratic oasis in an otherwise exclusive enclave. When Artfarm, the hospitality group behind Hauser & Wirth, became the new landlords in 2021, they approached us to help realise their vision - of an open and welcoming space which is also a haven for modern art.

With pub closures at an all time high, and the values of inclusivity and connections they represent at risk, we wanted to showcase what a renaissance of the old boozer could look like.

Inspired by the history of the pub and surrounding area, we created a contemporary brand identity and positioning for the venue referencing its place, heritage and offering all punters a warm welcome.

00 The Audley
Audley Illustration

Like Mayfair, the Audley itself is an institution built of contradictory layers. Offering three unique experiences with a friendly boozer on the ground level, culinary restaurant on the second floor and the remaining hire rooms each a unique experience.


The wordmarks for both The Audley and Mount St. pay homage to original handwritten signs which were once displayed outside 41-43 Mount Street.

Audley Facade
Shot 17 505 RT

We recreated an emblem that references The Audley family crest which dates back to the 16th century. The Audley marque serves as a graphic link between the spaces, acting as a stamp for the legacy of the building as well as its future as a cultural destination.

The Audley Here Design

The chosen colour palette is inspired by the building exterior facade, mirroring the long standing bricks and original signage colours.


We further explored contemporary interventions inspired by the pub’s history by recreating the stone cast signage cornering the site. Using jesmonite was a deliberate design choice allowing our production team to best match the material to the building’s exteriors without sacrificing its longevity.

Audley facade

Throughout the venue are beautiful handwritten signs by Jack Hollands – also known as ‘Signwriting Jack’, a talented London-based signwriter. Historical images of the pub were referenced in the process of designing each sign and are uniquely gilded or handwritten by Jack.


On the second floor sits Mount St. restaurant - a new culinary experience within The Audley. We have subtly applied the logo, colour palette and emblem to nod to the mystery of the space.

Mount St Layered
Audley 2

As you move between the various floors The Audley emblem is delicately applied to custom designed coasters and menus, acting as a subtle link between this spaces.