Trees — A celebration of all things arboreal


Take a minute to think about it and you’ll realise that trees impact every aspect of our lives. From air to fuel to shelter to nourishment, trees are integral to the present and future of humankind. Conservationist and dendrologist Paul Smith uncovers the power of trees over nine chapters that follow their lifecycle and reveal the magic of these natural phenomena.

To participate in this holistic celebration of trees, we collaborated with Thames & Hudson not only on the cover and layout of the book but also on its contents. By providing contemporary references from design, architecture and fashion, we helped bridge science with culture.

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The page layout and typographic treatment was also inspired by trees. Tall columns with inset pull quotes mimic tree trunks and branches, while an elegant, condensed serif type lends individual letters an arboreal shape and form.

Chapter Icons

Abstract yet organic illustrations were hand-drawn in-house to match the verdant nature of the book. Alongside these fluid drawings, we also supplied iconography and curated cultural references that would appeal to design buffs and tree huggers alike.

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A detailed depiction of a leaf adorns the front cover of the book. From afar it resembles a tree, reminding us that each part is just as important as the whole.

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The spine of the book is printed with a bark pattern so that when aligned on a shelf, these books will transform into a dense thicket.




Thames & Hudson

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