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Unfinished Business

— Unapologetic, uninhibited, unfinished business

The fight for equal women’s rights has been a work-in-progress for centuries, and it is far from over. To celebrate the British Library’s Unfinished Business exhibition, the Here. team designed an accompanying book and bespoke range of products.

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The accompanying book is a detailed look back through protests and politics in the ongoing fight for women’s equality. The bold typographic style brings the powerful messages to life. And individual sections, divided into Body, Mind and Voice, document the struggles and stories of so many people who fought, and are still fighting, for autonomy for women and their bodies, respect for their minds, and support for their voices.

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We found inspiration in the imagination and persuasive language from Suffragettes’ banners, to the witty and inventive slogans used in more recent marches.


“Here. were a dream to work with. Their bold and colourful vision for both the book and merchandise perfectly captured the galvanising spirit of the Unfinished Business exhibition.”

— Polly Russell, Lead Curator
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The product design, with its focus on bold typography and inspiring messaging, is powerfully uplifting. Although beautiful objects in their own right, each has a positive purpose.


“These products were designed to be worn, and worn with pride.”

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