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— an elevated after dinner moment
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We collaborated with BRIK to create two chocolate ranges to accompany Zacapa’s signature rum for an elevated after dinner experience, exploring how a luxury spirits brand can create purposeful gifting. Both ranges take notes from the rum's distilling and ageing process and are beautifully moulded into mountain forms inspired by Zacapa’s Guatemalan origin.

Designed to create an after dinner moment known as Sobremesa, the colourful chocolates are a beautiful surprise when revealed from their luxurious black and gold packaging. As an extension of the rum's flavours, the chocolates encourage people to connect and linger longer around the table. We have thoughtfully designed each element of the gifting to truly elevate the after-dinner moment and embody Zacapa.

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The Elevated Range is a sculptural showpiece gifted internally at Diageo and to influencers. Inspired by the bright colours and forms of Guatemala, we designed the chocolates to surprise and elevate beyond the expected gift.

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Project 3 4 Small
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The Everyday Range perfectly accompanies the Zacapa No.23 as a bespoke taste extension of the rum. The bite size chocolates have been designed to resemble the mountain forms and colours of Guatemala.

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