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— A whisky bar for an unparalleled hedonist

King Edward VII, lovingly nicknamed Bertie, was many things, eccentric style icon, proud dog owner, cigarette enthusiast, and unparalleled hedonist. It’s these quirks and qualities that became the inspiration for “Bertie’s Whisky Bar”, an opulent immersive experience as richly steeped in storytelling as the rest of the Fife Arms Hotel where it’s situated.

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Our brief was to create “the ultimate whisky library”, drawing on the bar’s namesake and his curious exploits. Alongside a word marque and typeface, our Here Makers and Designers created a range of applications that built on Bertie’s life, each as playful as the next.

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A suite of Victorian Silhouette icons were designed as part of the bar’s identity. One was of course the hedonist himself, but others referenced his faithful hound, Caesar, his extensive smoking habit and trailblazing fashion sense.

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These found themselves peppered around the bar, decorating flight trays, and coasters, to ensure storytelling was an intrinsic part of the experience.

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In keeping with the library theme, we designed tasting note library cards so patrons could keep track of the whopping 365 bottles of whisky on offer. And, keen to imbue a sense of ritual and ceremony, our Makers created a Bertie’s branded whisky dropper, featuring his proud head in profile.

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The cumulative effect is a playful masterpiece in layered storytelling and a love letter to Bertie’s zest for life and appetite for excess, in every sense of the word.