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Real tequila for real people

Tequila Cazadores isn’t just a tequila. It’s also the symbol for a vibrant community in Los Altos de Jalisco. Uplifting, unapologetic and growing stronger day by day. But that’s not the image Cazadores was conveying. The bottle felt outdated, a thing of the past, instead of a dynamic spirit of Mexico.

So we set out to refresh the Cazadores brand identity in a way that authentically captured their heritage while remaining contemporary. Initially rolled out on pack, the new Cazadores design stands out on shelves as a symbol of cultural pride, community spirit, Mexican heritage – and damn good tequila.

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The Cazadores archives go back a century and are the wellspring of a deep-rooted and proud heritage as well as treasure trove of hidden gems. Inspired by what we found, we drew on design elements from previous bottles to create a bold yet sophisticated look. A tall stance and iconic bulbed neck pair with subtle details that speak to Mexican culture.

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Now each bottle proudly displays origin – Estd. Los Altos 1922 – and truly embodies the concept of social enjoyment. Check the base for the words: Arriba, abajo, al centro y pa’ dentro. Salud to that!

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The stag is a prominent emblem of the Cazadores brand. Though loved by its people, it had lost its impact and meaning over the years. We reintegrated this beloved feature by giving it a clear narrative connected to today’s community.


Now a unifying symbol of cultural pride, the stag visibly conveys a sense of togetherness on pack through its radiating backdrop. Featuring an agave plant that does double duty as a cluster of rays shining outward, the logo welcomes drinkers into the inviting and personable world of Cazadores.


The colours and typefaces of the bottle draw heavily on the surrounding country of Arandas, where Cazadores is born. Teal, ochre and burnt orange mimic colours found in the agave plant and rich earth of the Mexican highlands, while the typeface comes from the rich visual world of the Arandas streets and local storefronts.

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