- Weaving a logo for the future of textiles

ReWeave is a design studio in the heart of Hastings. Led by the visionary designer Kirsty McDougall, it has revolutionised the way we think about textiles and products. Their focus is on crafting woven textiles and products that champion a more circular approach to design and manufacturing. ReWeave has made a new blueprint for big ideas around reusing and repurposing materials for manufacturers and brands.

We collaborated with ReWeave to create an impactful logo that not only challenged their distinct approach to fabric waste, but also spoke to the experimental nature of the studio’s work.

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We developed a tool to generate infinite logo variations inspired by the Jacquard loom — dynamically producing logos with unique warp & weft combinations. The additional patterns speak to the infinite possibilities and fluidity within fabric as a material.

REWEAVE tape 4

Inspired by the warp and weft effect in textile weaving, we created a dynamic logo and monogram that nods to the technique.

Reweave pair1
Reweave pair2
REWEAVE pocket 1
REWEAVE woven 1