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— Time Re:imagined

Time appears in ever changing maverick forms. Glenfiddich’s latest series sees the ever-shifting force of time embodied in three incredibly rare whiskies.

In Time Re:imagined, the Glenfiddich 50, 40, and 30 Year Old single malts are uniquely presented as bespoke art. Each expression links back to an individual liquid story and technical truth by representing different types of time; Simultaneous, Cumulative and Suspended.

Glenfiddich Time Summary
Glenfiddich Time 6
Glenfiddich Time 7

For the rarest expression, the 50 Year Old, we brought to life “Simultaneous Time” - the idea of experiencing everything all at once at the same time. In cask maturation climatic conditions like air pressure, temperature and humidity all play a part in shaping the liquid.

Glenfiddich Time 8
Glenfiddich Time 9

Working with computational architect Manuel Jiménez Garcia, this data has been captured to create an algorithm, building a physical design language and in turn this structure’s stunning bespoke form. The result is 18,250 days of maturation experienced simultaneously.

Glenfiddich Time 3
Glenfiddich Time 4

The 40 Year Old Single Malt, representing Cumulative Time. The liquid itself is made by the process of remnant vatting, in which one batch is carried over, time and again, allowing layers of flavour to build. To represent Cumulative Time, we created a stunning sculptural container and stopper made from jesmonite, a material with individual characteristics that render every piece completely unique.

Glenfiddich Time 5
Glenfiddich Time 1
Glenfiddich Time 2

The 30 Year Old Single Malt, represents Suspended Time. One moment of time, captured and frozen. The outer casing design evokes this through moving ribbons, each one frozen in time to form elegant cut-out windows, revealing the decanter inside. The dynamic lines and complex structure create an illusion that the bottle is effortlessly suspended mid-air, and in time.





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