Homethings Summary


— Time to clean up cleaning

The world of cleaning is cluttered. Homethings gives it a freshen up. Tim Keaveney and Matt Aubrey are challenging the global homecare industry to clean up its act with their revolutionary refillable products. They came to us looking for a visual identity and packaging that packs a cleansing punch: loud and proud with an axe to grind.

Homethings Portrait Opening
Homethings portrait

In balancing function and fun, we had to think about communicating efficacy in a more playful way. We started by creating a grounded, functional brand world inspired by the simplicity of IKEA, using a primary palette of charcoal and beige, with mix of heavy graphic elements and lighter lines.


The wordmark was refined using a heavy typeface to make it feel bolder and more practical. So far, so normal. Then we stir things up.

We wanted to build a clear visual association between product and brand, so we placed the distinctive Homethings G inside a charcoal home icon to create a logomark.

Homethings Icons 1

We then echoed this across the brand iconography, a shorthand for cleaning instructions.

The new icon set feels playful and ownable, while remaining easy to understand. The shape was also used in the bottle design, introducing a distinctive ‘house’ shape into the neck, transforming a bog-standard bottle into a distinctive brand asset.


To add a bonkers sense of play, we created characters using simple graphic elements for each of the products. The design of each element corresponded with use, giving each product a punch of personality while communicating function.


We all know the world is messed up. Homethings isn’t afraid to say it, and actually do something about it.

Tess Wicksteed, Strategic Partner
Homethings Portrait mockup