— The raw spirit of a free-thinking distillery

Kininvie Works is a skunk-works style distillery. It’s unorthodox. And in the world of Scotch, it’s unheard of. They aren’t bound by the usual traditions of distillation.

The brand, if you can call it that, has no signifiers, no logos, no Scottish stags, no rolling hills. You can’t visit the distillery. There are no guided tours and tastings. This is probably as raw as it gets in whisky – a brand and pack that is only about the liquid.

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Our approach to the packaging was driven by function over form. 100% recyclable and fully fit-for-purpose as an e-commerce-only release.

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Original diagrams that outline the making of process.

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“A totally unexpected, and very, very interesting, relaunch from Kininvie. This is very much whisky made by geeks, for geeks.”

— Edinburgh Whisky Blog

The bottle and packaging drop test.


The label design development process.


This rawness is not an aesthetic surface, it is Kininvie’s ethos. They are experimenters: unconstrained by the rules and regulations that bind other distilleries. They don’t distill with a fixed result in mind, they distill to see what they can make. Experimentation for the sake of experimentation. Learning for the sake of learning.

Kininvie manifesto
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Kininvie’s story is told not in nose, tasting notes and finish but in objectives, experimental trials, variables and observations.

The hand, the mind, the eye of the distillery crew and their process, their theories, their experiments are what you’ll learn about. Each bottle is like a scientific report. A glimpse into this secretive world.

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Thom Corbishley, photographer