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Save The Night

— The good times will come again

Jägermeister has been at the heart of global nightlife culture for what seems like forever. Known, loved, iconic, integral. And then in 2020, the nightlife stopped.

To support everyone at venues that could no longer open, a new limited edition bottle was designed to raise €1,000,000 for the struggling nightlife community.

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Beacon Stag

In collaboration with German illustrator Max Löffler - a figure closely connected to Germany’s underground music and club cultures, the classic Jägermeister pack design was reinterpreted with unignorable boldness to act a beacon in the darkest times.

Max Labels
Key visual

For the first time in the brand’s history the ‘Hunter’s Salute’ poem (known as Weidmannsheil) that runs around the edge of the bottle’s label was rewritten as a pledge and a promise to help those who have been Jägermeister’s biggest champions over the years.


"To our community of musicians, mixers, meisters and friends, together we can ensure the best nights are still to come, together we can save the night."

Hunter’s Salute