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— Telling a dramatic family story

Since a fateful phonecall from the Bacardí family in 2012, we have worked in partnership with this iconic international brand to bring authenticity back to their identity and reimagine their range of rums.

From the moment the door opened into their brand archives, we knew that this remarkable family story needed to come alive in our designs. Carefully restoring and then maintaining that integrity has been central to every project since.

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In 2018 we completed the redesign of the Bacardí packaging across all product tiers and in doing so re-introduced the layered and intricate textural qualities that we had found in the brand's archives.

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The instantly recognisable Bacardí icon, depicting a Cuban fruit bat, has existed since the 19th century. The animal is a sign of good luck and nested in the original distillery’s rafters. We revisited the more ornate versions to create a new depiction that the founding family would have recognised.

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