The Balvenie

— The Art of Cask Finishing

The Balvenie celebrates their commitment to craftsmanship and working with makers in their latest range of Cask Finished expressions. As the most hand-crafted of single malts, it made sense to launch The Balvenie’s latest range using the intricate art of paper craft and illustration. We collaborated with paper artist Owen Gildersleeve to create key visuals to bring the whiskies and their flavours to life.

Balvenie Cask summary

This project began with the creation of a range of new pack designs for The Balvenie. Delicate illustrations printed on the labels in foil emphasise key characteristics of each whisky's story and flavour profile. By drawing on these origin stories, these fine embellishments capture the finesse of each Cask Finish.

Balvenie Cask 1
Balvenie Cask 4

We collaborated with Owen Gildersleeve to design a series of layered three-dimensional paper sets for the bottles to sit in. Using flavour as inspiration, each unique set reimagines its whisky’s individual tasting notes in an abstract and graphic manner using various stock and papercraft techniques.

Balvenie Cask 16y
Balvenie cask trio
Balvenie Cask animation process

Paris-based digital design studio Parallel took the designs to the next level by recreating them as a series of wonderful digital animations. On screen, elements curl and grow as if alive.

Balvenie Cask 23



William Grant & Sons

Owen Gildersleeve
Parallel Studio