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Two Drifters —
A journey that takes you away,
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Equal parts eco-friendly and innovative

Two Drifters is a Devon-based rum distillery that has been setting new standards in innovation and sustainability since 2019, but their existing packaging and brand world wasn’t living up to its potential. They needed a new identity that would match their trailblazing spirit and brand beliefs.

We created a bespoke, eco-driven aesthetic, echoing Two Drifter’s unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact so that a rum made with a negative carbon footprint could be encased in something equally environmentally-minded and innovative.

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True sustainability is at the heart of every stage of this redesign. Every new Two Drifters bottle is made of lighter and locally sourced materials, complete with a natural cork with FSC wooden top, 100% compostable tamper seal, labels made from 95% fibre, 5% hemp and linen laced with a plant-based adhesive.

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To express their pride in playing a part in preserving the planet for tomorrow, each bottle is also now imprinted with the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere since the company’s launch in 2019. To date, this stands at 16.724 tonnes, with the figure being updated with every locally-sourced print run as a celebration of progress both made and yet to come.

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We created a bright and lively design; a humble boat illustration infused with a vibrant palette of rich tones, nodding to the playfulness of rum, whilst also capturing the charismatic nature of life by the sea.


“Working with Here Design was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We had a unique story to tell on our new pack design and the Here team totally got what we were about and managed to create a brand look that is joyful, vibrant, sustainable and 100% us.”

– Gemma & Russ Wakeham, founders
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Our Directive drew on the natural rhythms of Devon’s coastal home and the founders’ passion for sustainability and energy, both of which permeate the brand every step of the way.

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Championing sustainable design and advising those we work so closely with on the ways we can attain this through design is an important component of Here’s work. We echoed Two Drifter’s sustainable ethos in our production and aesthetic choices from start to finish, while championing local British suppliers and makers for a design that encapsulated the distillery’s proud Devon heritage.

— Mark Paton, Here Design
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Two Drifters

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