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Wild and Sweet

— From urban park to kitchen table
Wild Summary

Award-winning author Rachel Lambert discovered foraging over 25 years ago in Devonshire. It combined all the things she loved: nature, good food and good people. Because what you forage is best enjoyed together. Today, that passion has transformed into guided walks and two recipe books.

We were delighted to collaborate with Hoxton Mini Press on the design of her second book Wild & Sweet, a dessert cookbook using only ingredients easily found in and around cities. From sorrel ice cream to dandelion meringues and elderflower donuts to nettle baklava, each page inspires delicious mindful eating.

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Wild Square2

Evoking the wild ingredients used in this book’s sweet creations, our cover features vibrant flower illustrations on an urban grey backdrop. Just like the plants found in city parks, the illustrations overlap each other and the title organically.

Wild Landscape2

To convey the mindful quality of foraging and balance the wildness of nature, we used a singular yet simple type for the body copy. To support the recipes’ content, illustrations similar to the cover are scattered throughout the pages like fallen petals.

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The edges are painted a glowing pastel pink. A pop of colour that surprises like wildflowers against slate or the feeling foraging inspires.

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